According to Channel 25 News, Several stores that were on shaky ground before the lock-down have closed their doors for good. Retail stores are facing a new normal as lock-down restrictions are being lifted here in Texas, and for some of those businesses that were struggling before the pandemic, closing their doors for good is the only option left.

Just recently we learned of closings for several stores including JC Penny, who's closing 242 locations across the country. Victoria's Secret just handed out pink slips to employees at 250 locations. Some businesses are closing all their store across the U.S. including Game Stop, Papyrus, Bose, Pier 1 and Forever 21, which will be closing 178 stores and Tuesday Morning says it's closing 130 stores.

In all about 3,600 stores nationwide are shutting their doors for good. Even some local restaurants have had to close their doors for good to. Check out the article at Business Insider for more info on store closings and if you have gift cards for these stores, you should use them soon as they may not be good for to much longer.

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Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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