I love a good Halloween party. Mainly because of the finger food. (Insert maniacal laugh.)

When creating "finger" food for your Halloween party, hot dogs work the best.

People find hot dogs to be naturally disgusting. But, when you add some knuckle cuts, blood (ketchup), and some shaved onion slices for the nails...gross! So, perfect.


Another way to make these is finger wraps.

Nothing says Halloween better than giving your food eyes.

Some folks will use the Pillsbury wraps to make wrapped hot dog fingers, but to go the extra mile, you're going to want to make the hot dogs into mummies.

It's even better if you can get your mommy to make your mummy. HA!

Maybe your world is a little bit more "out there", so you can make your "fingers" the fingers of zombies.

It seems like everyone has a zombie fetish these days, so grab the food colors and get to zombifying.

You're going to want to boil these dogs. Then, put some green food coloring in the water and cook you dogs. Make your standard knuckle and fingernail cuts before hand.

BONE appétit!



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