So, you like bread and syrup. You must be normal. Try these cool ideas.

If you have to entertain, or if you're just hungry, these are the perfect syrupy snacks this winter.

Mix up your favorite French Toast mix and break out the loaf of bread.

Flatten and trim the bread, then pick your poison.

You got the standard sausage roll. Just roll the sausage in the bread, dip in the French Toast mix then toss it in the fry pan. It'll kick that Kolaches' ass.

Got some peanut butter? Well Hell Harry, slap some of the nut spread on the flattend bread, add some honey, or bananas, roll, dip, and fry for a frickin good time.

Is there anything better than Cream Cheese and fruit? Yes, more Cream Cheese and fruit. Load up the loaf, roll, dip, fry, and then cry at all the poor souls who are not having and Cream Cheese and fruit.

Stay Tasty my friends.

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