Late last year, I made a concerted effort to eat healthily. It paid off: I lost weight, my cholesterol fell, all my vital signs improved.  A steady diet of lean meat and vegetables paid off. Yet I'm a human being and therefore I am weak. I didn't get my rotund shape by happenstance. It took decades of concerted effort at poor nutrition and bad choices.  It's amazing how far medical science has come in offsetting the affects of my own self-sabotage and that of millions.

Now I said all that to say this: in a moment of weakness I drove through and attempted to order the all-new Grand Big Mac sandwich at McDonald's. They had signage up at the drive thru menu. When I told the voice coming through the speaker that I'd like a Grand Mac sandwich, after a long pause I was told, "We don't have that." What?! I'm looking at a picture of the damn thing!

I returned it to the same location a few days later. The very same sign was in the very same place on the drive through menu. I took a chance yet again that the person on the other side of the speaker would have been able to buy a clue after the last payday.  Thankfully, someone got the proper briefing and I received my order as pictured. ( The golden arches chain has also introduced a smaller version of their signature sandwich. The less said about this the better. What a waste of time.)

Everyone I know has said that the size of the patty on a McDonald's hamburger has grown progressively smaller in diameter over the decades. I don't think this is in dispute, I'm not blind  and neither are most Americans. In the era of Smashburger and Five Guys, if McDonald's wants to remain in the burger business, one of the easiest ways to do it is to simply upgrade the quality of its meat, including a restoration in size.


There's something about the Big Mac prepared properly that just tastes wonderful.  So many tastes and textures all at once. Throw in what is undoubtedly the best serving of fries in the entire fast food industry -  seriously, no simple serving of french fries it any other fast food restaurant comes even close - and a classic burger and meal have been restored to its former glory.

Ah Big Mac,  if loving you is wrong I don't want to be right.

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