The iPhone recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we've been using the lightning cable version of the phone connector for at least seven years. In that time I feel like I've gone through at least 10 times the number of years in replacing frayed cables. OMG, how irritating.

The problem is twofold: the cables themselves are covered by a stretchy plastic of hardly – durable material. Also,  The connector between either end of the cord is not clasped together with what seems to be another layer of the same material.  The cynic in me says it's all part of a plan for consumers to buy more cables from Apple who sells them at about 30 bucks a pop.

For sometime, I've been in search for not only more durable lightning cables but also longer ones. Long-standing users of the iPhone will remember the shorter lightning cables which came with the phone initially.  Many of these owners have gone through cheapo aftermarket cables which promised longer lengths but were ultimately shoddy or could not properly maintain a connection from the USB port to the phone.

Oh what to do?!

I bought several of the highly touted Amazon basics cable, all of which began fraying at the connector despite the presence of harder plastic on the ends. Finally, after years of searching I found a cable which stands up to the rigors of everyday use.

Presenting the Paracable. And what do you know, it's a product of the great state of Texas! Houston to be exact.

It seems one of the founders of the company had a kitty who liked to chew through the soft white of the Apple cables.  That caught my eye because I myself had a sweet orange kitty, now departed, who liked to chew through the little white earphones, so I feel their pain.

The coding of the wires is strong, woven fabric and very decorative at that. The ends which connect to the phone and the USB slot respectively are metal with hard plastic shield connectors.  It's all very durable. If anything, I found the cables themselves a little less flexible than their OEM factory counterpart, but what was I expecting?  If I wanted a strong cable, I knew I would have to give up something.

I'm highly satisfied. I actually bought multiple cables before writing this article. I would do so again from Paracable.



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