The fog was thicker than pea soup this morning which rendered visibility greatly diminished. Still, had it been as clear as it would ultimately be in the middle of the day today, I still don't think we would've seen much of the kind of protesting we're seeing in other parts of creation.  People in Temple work too hard during the week, they need their weekend to unwind.

Last week, I scheduled a morning coffee at the Starbucks downtown near Temple High.  Little did I know a similar store in the nation's capital would be the site of uncalled for wanton distraction by misguided millennials.  I don't understand the destruction of private property as a form of protest. I've heard all the commie arguments but no one in those stores is part of any problem.

Thankfully the downtown Temple location Starbucks was still standing undisturbed. No busted out windows from unruly youths.  In fact, the one instance of protest participation I saw today was in the parking lot of this train which under normal circumstances is known for its left-leaning slacktivism. Two twenty-something young women in a pricey Cadillac SUV were clad in wool caps and holding placards as if they were headed to Austin for the day.  And although it's not politically correct, they did not seem unattractive or of an unpleasant demeanor. They did appear to be energized but not negatively so. If this is what you want to spend your Saturday doing, get on with your bad self.

So why were they at Starbucks? The real reason anyone goes: they were getting coffee.

All in all, a quiet day in the center of Bell County. I'm praying all of us find peace and understanding in continued dialogue with one another. Violence is not the answer, and neither is conjecture.

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