All of us sometimes love traveling. The thought of visiting a new place and discovering something you love is rather exciting isn't? But sometimes going anywhere can be more of a hassle than expected.

There's a reason we see more pictures of the destination, rather the route taken to the destination isn't there?

Getting to the desired vacation spot sometimes is rather more difficult than expected. Whether it be cost, weather issues, or various other difficulties. So how are you able to fulfill the dream of visiting other places without visiting them?

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Well, look-alikes will have to suffice

Recently, HouseBeautiful ranked the cities in America that could pass for towns in Europe. And one place that popped up on the list was...Fredericksburg in Texas? Wait, how did Fredericksburg show up?

Well according to HouseBeautiful:

"German immigrant settlers founded this town in 1846, which is why it's known for its mix of German heritage with Texan hospitality (an unbeatable combination). Throughout the town you'll find tons of specialty shops and biergartens."

The city even mentions the German connection on it's own website. So there is a strong connection between the continent of Europe and the Lone Star State.

Hard to believe isn't it?

I mean it's always interesting to learn about how certain towns in Texas are viewed. This also makes me wonder what other cities hold history from across the pond. But this also makes me wonder one small thing...

How did a city in Texas gain the name Italy?

Speaking of Fredericksburg...

A Treehouse as an Airbnb seems rather interesting. Let's take a look to see if this is the place you'd want to rest and relax at.

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