This should come as no surprise to anyone. The formula couldn't be clearer: Texas, the largest red state in the union, one with the longest shared border with a foreign country, days after a controversial new President has been inaugurated - one who brazenly used illegal immigration as a campaign lightning rod - is under a heightened state of alert on the lookout for terrorist activity.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says so. Under DPS Director Stephen McCraw, they've issued this report.   It's a very detailed publication dealing with numerous threats foreign and domestic from ISIS to the drug cartels to the radicals preying on our police officers.  They even put natural disasters in the report which if you think about it, it's only common sense to do so.

Friends, in 2017, these are the cold hard facts of life. We must be ever vigilant, ever watchful. That's why our friends over at Texas DPS have created the website known as IwatchTexas.  If you see or hear anything, even if you think it's innocuous, drop them a line. Let them sort it out.


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