About a year and a quarter ago, our stations here in Killeen-Temple saw a promenient position come open on our programming staff, that of Digital Managing Editor.  This is a very important job inside our radio operation. Quite simply, like a similarly named position within a newspaper's newsroom,  the managing editor is responsible for the creation and consistent flow of new articles and features on our station websites.

In this day and age, managing the online component of a radio station is not an afterthought in the least; indeed, it is an all-consuming full-time position, a vocation if you will.  You don't just work the job, you live it.

This dedication/devotion explains why someone like myself, who is operations manager of the five stations here, cannot also be the executing force behind our online activities.  I am already married to the five wives that are these radio stations, with a particularly strong bond between myself and 101.7.  I can lean on colleagues Wes Adams to give love on US 105 and/or Trey to do the same on B106. Yet when it comes to online, it's a whole other set of priorities. You gotta own that gig.

Last fall, we were fortunate to obtain the services of sports writer and editor extraordinaire, Jason Eisenberg. He came to us from the bay area in California looking for a change of scene. I can't think of anything more drastic than the contrast between those two places.  It was the cultural divide between California and Texas which allowed Jason to see our community a with fresh set of eyes.

After a period of getting his feet wet, things began to take off with Jason and our goals for upgrading our online presence.  He and I worked very closely on how we could step it up online.  His ability to write fast and to assist the staff with seeking and choosing story ideas became invaluable. He was our liaison between the higher-ups defining the goals and the foot soldiers on the ground executing.  It was all about coordinating ideas.  Jason came through with flying colors.

In other words, he OWNED that job. Like I said, it's what the job demands.

He also didn't rest, opening himself to new challenges. Having been a stage musician in a band, I had a hunch being on air was a situation in which Jason would excel. He did indeed with our "What's Trending" bits each day, becoming a regular part of our morning show. It was great to have somebody to bounce ideas off of. Conversations are so much richer when they aren't just me talking to the wall.

All good things must end, sadly.  I always knew Jason would be moving on to another location. I can't pretend it's great to go through the pain of separating from an effective and trusted employee and colleague who really moved mountains.  We are going to have to bring someone else along who can at least make it to the top of the hill. Still, it's only natural for those on the lookout for talent to see what someone is capable of achieving.

So, off he goes to another place in Texas. We are sad to see him go and have no news yet on a replacement.  Whomever it will be, they'll have a hard act to follow. I hope they reach even higher heights. I know Jason is rooting for them to do so.

We wish Jason all the best in this new endeavor. Also, listeners and online friends who took a liking to Jason, I fully expect Jason's type of content to not only make its way back to K101's web realm (he is staying within the company and plans to share),and  I expect him to personally pop in from time to time to say hi.

Thanks for the time, gentle reader. I just wanted to take a moment to explain what was happening and let Jason know how much he would be missed. God bless, dear friend..

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