The gourd, the bad, and the ugly. They are all still in the pumpkin patch, but it will cost you more to take them home this year.

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Although pumpkin crops are smaller this season, there's not exactly a shortage - just a bigger demand resulting in higher prices for fall's favorite fruit.

Pumpkin Crops in Texas

Although Illinois actually produces around 90% of pumpkins grown in the United States, Texas does grow crops of high-demand heirloom and jack-o’-lantern standard varieties. Most of those pumpkins are from Floyd County around Floydada, northeast of Lubbock, according to Texas A&M Today.

Texas pumpkin producers experienced the second slow season in a row, as drought conditions this year led to smaller crops. That turned into higher prices, increasing demand for pumpkins of all varieties.

Pumpkin Patches in Central Texas

If you would rather skip the grocery store and go to an actual pumpkin patch instead, there are plenty of great ones to choose from in Central Texas:

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