State Highway 317 was the site of a deadly crash Monday morning.

Via Kathleen Serie - KWTX
Via Kathleen Serie - KWTX

Sadly, the holiday weekend has been tainted with the death of driver on Highway 317.

KWTX is reporting that a car and a 18-wheeler were involved in an accident between Gatesville and Temple Monday morning.

Just shy of 8 AM,  first responders were called to SH 317 and East Payne Branch Road, where a caller reported a crash between a Ford car and an semi-trailer carrying two-by-fours.

It seems the Ford was heading southbound on 317 when the driver lost control of the car. It veered off the road, then back on to the northbound lane where it collided with the semi.

The police said the driver of the car died in the crash. The semi-truck driver was unhurt.

The identity of the victim was not released.

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