Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are stepping up 4th of July patrols on the roads and on the water.

Monday and Tuesday, Texans may notice an increased safety presence on CenTex highways and lakes. DPS SGT D.L. Wilson told KWTX:

We want to make sure boaters are safe and do not make mistakes on the water whether that be drinking and getting in their car, pulling boats home, or leaving the boating area intoxicated

DPS says troopers are going to be looking for intoxicated drivers and boaters. Speeding, seatbelts, and traffic violations are also being watched for by area officers. If you plan on drinking, please arrange for a designated driver. There are lots of families out on the roads for the holiday.

In 2016, DPS made 601 DWI arrests on the 4th of July. Let's get that number to 0 this year.

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