You, incorrect: “Anchorman 2 is a pale shadow of the original Anchorman.

Me, extremely intelligent: “Anchorman 2 is awesome. An underrated movie whose time will come.”

Will Ferrell’s track record with sequels is small but fairly successful. It’s basically just Anchorman 2, which is totally hilarious (trust me on this, I’m right) and also a major box office hit, grossing almost $175 million worldwide. (Ferrell also appeared in the much less successful Zoolander 2, but its incredible stinkitude was not really his fault.) So he’s very selective about sequels, a fact confirmed when Ferrell was the guest on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live. A caller asked if there was ever a chance viewers might see sequels to Elf and A Night at the Roxbury. Thankfully, Ferrell said no. Host Andy Cohen followed up by asking if there was a movie from his filmography that Ferrell would want to carry on in a sequel. His response:

We talked a little bit about Step Brothers. So who knows? But at the same time you like to create new things.

Here’s the problem with a Step Brothers sequel. There’s no way Ferrell makes it without Adam McKay, his longtime comedy partner (and director of the first film). But McKay is really busy, and he’s moving into more serious material as a filmmaker. After The Big Short, he’s begun developing a Dick Cheney biopic, and a film about a real-life scandal in the medical tech industry. Even if he wants to go back to making movies about wine mixers in Catalina, he may not have the time. But if it happens, we will be there with bells and/or Chewbacca masks on.

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