Well this could be the best news all week. I wrote an article earlier about Gold's Gym re-opening soon and now it looks like bars and dance halls may be next.

Lindsay Liepman with KXXV reports that the Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance has put forth a 10 point proposal to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to allow bars and dance halls to hold a "soft" re-opening that would exclude people but show that bars and dance halls are ready to re-open.

Not all dance halls are onboard however. The Melody Ranch Owner Shawn Seay says, "I'm not going to participate in this, Texas is strict on bars. It's pointless to put your license on the line."

5J Dance Hall will not participate in the soft opening either.  Owner Emily Jones Roberts says, "Our message to Central Texas is come out and see us. We're not going to break any rules and wait til the governor gives us the green light. We're hoping everyone is tired of sitting at home on the weekends and wants to get back to a new normal."

Gov. Abbott has said that he hopes to re-open bars and dance halls by mid May but has not responded to the Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance proposal yet.

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