Texans are pros at staying cool in the summer. They're also pretty good at getting liquored up.

When you're baking next to the pool on a typical July day in Texas, you might also need to cool your insides while you tan the outsides. You might want to try some of these cocktail ideas.

  • Peach Moscato Wine Slushies

    What will we do with all this ice?

    This drink will be perfect if you're chowing down on some Chinese take-out.

  • Wiskey Peach Slush

    Men Drink Whiskey

    Don't feel secure enough in your "manhood" to drink some umbrella cocktail. Screw it! Get a Whiskey on the rocks...the fruity rocks.

  • Laffy Taffy Daiquiri

    Shake that Laffy Taffy! What!

    If you love the Laffy Taffy, but you can't afford a hooker, try the candy. No, not the hooker called Candy, she's booked through the summer already. The kiddy candy. And of course, the rum.

  • Capri Sun Slushies

    For the Kid in all of us

    Everyone love a refreshing Capri Sun, as long as you can get the FN straw in the pouch first.

    "Screw it! Get me a cup and some scissors!"

    Now's a good time to add ice and tequila as well.

  • Sour Apple Smash

    Dear Lord Why!

    If you're green with envy over your neighbors pool set up, break out the kiddy pool and the vodka.

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