Texas is a co-leader in a category that some might find disturbing.

The "Love Doll" world is about to take it up a notch with A.I. Yes, artificial intelligence is being added to life sized love dolls.

Fox 7 in Austin is reporting that "Harmony" is being developed by Abyss Creations. They offer a variety of life sized dolls, and it seems that Texas and Washington state are the two most popular destinations in the U.S.

As someone who is just fine with living alone, my first thought when I saw this was not good. Then, because somehow this has become my job, I flipped the switch and tried to see the positive with this.

The "Harmony" doll will be a learning doll. It will remember conversations. It will remember the things that you said you like so she can bring them back up in later conversations. Don't men just love that being flung back in their face?

"Remember when you said..."

"Don't you dare bring that up now. Are you looking to start a fight? I swear to                   God, I'll turn up the heat and melt your butt! Don't think I won't!"

With the instant porn access, or what some would call the "internet", kids today seem to need what they need right away. Where do you go when online dating isn't fast enough? Or, it doesn't offer instant sex?

Oh sure, Craigslist, there are other services out there, Craigslist, where you can get instant sexual gratification. Craigslist. But then, that service also offers instant blackmail, mugging, murder, and STD's.

Now if you take "sex" out of the equation. What "Harmony" is offering is a chance to learn to speak to woman. Yes, I know, this is not a woman. But for some folks out there who were raised by computers, phones, and other handheld devises, speaking to a human not attached to a phone is terrifying. This device could help with that phobia so a person could learn a few oral skills (Phrasing).

Robots will be a thing of the future - that is just a reality we need to face. So if you've moved past a sock and towel, and you like to cuddle, then maybe you might need to see if you and robots can Harmonize. (Hyuck hyuck.)

If you want a more in-depth (and naked) look at Abyss Creations, you can watch this. Warning, NSFW.

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