We've been seeing headlines all over social media about tequila shots being good for your bones. While it was tempting to grab the glasses and start killin' shots, our natural skepticism quickly reared its ugly head and ruined the fun. Turns out, that instinct was correct.

Science Daily recently published the findings of a Mexican scientist who claims to have identified substances in tequila's key ingredient that can help the body produce more bone building proteins.

Dr. Mercedes Lopez led a research project that fed blue Agave tequilana to mice with osteoporosis. The agave caused microbia living in the intestines of the mice to become short-chain fatty acids, which helped the mice absorb more minerals essential to bone growth.

The study doesn't specifically mention tequila shots, and for good reason. The beneficial fructans present in the blue agave used in the study become pure alcohol during the distillation process. So, while the raw stuff could do wonders for medicine, the booze is still just a way to loosen up and make some bad decisions.

But hey, that's no reason not to have a few shots! Just do it responsibly.

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