Why is it that when I have made it a point to not drink there's a crazy special out there that helps aide my bad drinking habits because it's so cheap?

I am doing the whole Dry January thing. You know - when you don't drink any alcohol. It's horrid just in case you're wondering.

2019 was the year for tequila. There were several articles that came out in 2019 that claimed tequila could promote bone health, aid weight loss, and help improve digestion. If you are all about health, maybe tequila can help? What better way to celebrate your health than with a $5 Patron margarita?

Alcoholic Lime Margarita with Tequila

Normally, you pay around $12 to $15 per margarita containing Patron. Chili's changing the price on a signature drink is making it easy to pick up the tab. Chili's has an ongoing Margarita of the Month promotion, and they're kicking off the year right with their first promo of 2020. You can enjoy $5 Patron margaritas through the end of January. Remember to get a designated driver before you hit up Chili's for $5 Patron Margs.

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