Man has time flown. We reach another lazy holiday on Monday.


The City of Killeen would like to remind you all that a "holiday" will be observed come Monday. For those of you who track these types of things, it's Presidents Day on Monday. What does that mean? Who really knows. There will be some in Killeen who will act like a president and not work.

If you work in the offices of the City of Killeen, you need to find something to do. I'd suggest not showering and eating cookie dough while you listen to the women of view "talk" about things. Don't go out drinking. You have to be back to work Tuesday.


Feel free to have a stroke or heart attack Monday as Emergency services will operate without interruption.  If Monday is your trash pickup day, go ahead and haul it out to the curb as garbage collection will operate without interruption as well.

The Killeen Recycling Center and Killeen Transfer Station will be closed and The Family Recreation Center will be open from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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