KWTX's Ryan Edwards reported that a woman in the Central Texas area was injured in a house fire on Monday night.

The woman was in the home, and noticed that her house had caught on fire slightly after 6:30 p.m..

The fire occurred at a Waco home located in the 4200 block of Timbercrest Lane on Monday night.

Waco firefighters were called out to the scene, and arrived to seeing the house with smoke and fire showing strongly.

The woman who was in the home when the fire broke out told the first responders, that it appeared the fire broke out in the laundry room of the home.

The woman who was in the home during the fire, was able to escape, but did suffer some burns in the process. The woman received minor burns, and was able to be treated at the scene. There were no further injuries reported at the scene of the fire.


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