Killeen, Texas I hope you’re ready for a little taste of California. (Other than In-N-Out Burger, I mean.) For some time in 2019, the city had a restaurant by the name of Richard Rawlings’ Garage. It was supposed to be an exciting and family-friendly restaurant but unfortunately it shut its doors for good on March 3, 2019 after only a short time in business. The building's been a vacant eyesore since, but that's about to change.

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Once again we are out with the old and bringing in something new. Black Bear Diner is coming to Killeen.

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The Black Bear Diner is a restaurant chain based in the western part of the United States that specializes in making homestyle, old fashion comfort food, which is one of my favorites.

Black Bear Diner was established in 1995, and they cook breakfast lunch, and dinner. Judging by the footage I've seen online, some of this food looks absolutely delicious. I was in California last year and had a meal at Black Bear Diner, and I can tell you it definitely gives you comfort in every bite.


I'm excited to see something finally replacing Richard Rawlings’ Garage. Like I said, the building's just been sitting there empty and sad for so long. Now we'll have something at 401 W. Central Texas Expressway worth hopping off the highway for.

W do not have an opening date on this restaurant as of yet, but once we do I will of course let Central Texas know.

Killeen just lost the Hallmark restaurant, so I think Black Bear Diner came right on time to deliver some much-needed comfort food.

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