The accident this morning involving two tractor-trailers on North I-35 E yielded a third damaged vehicle -an EMS Ambulance operated by Scott & White which was responding to the accident.

According to Temple Fire and Rescue, the Scott & White Ambulance was grazed by a vehicle on its left side, resulting in a damaged mirror.  The med tech who drove the ambulance was in the rear of the vehicle and no one was injured.

Thomas Pechal with Temple Fire and Rescue says there's more to this incident than just a grazed mirror.

"Under Texas Law ('Texas Move Over Act'), drivers approaching an emergency vehicle stopped on the roadway with emergency lights flashing are required to do one of two things: move out of the lane nearest to the emergency vehicle, or slow down to 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit (down to a minimum of 5 mph)," Pechal explained in a release.

Because of this law, Temple Police are investigating the crash.

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