Texans who own land around the border are having to face a hard truth.

Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about.

You'd think that common sense would prevail and talk of a wall on the Mexican border would just stop already. Nope. Now Texans are receiving Notices of Land Condemnation. Here's your two beans and a bunny, now give us your land.

The Texas Observer is reporting that Texans have received notice that the government will be offering around $2,400 dollars per acre. Owners have stated that if they don't take the money, they could lose the land to eminent domain. The whole idea is crazy -  that a "free country" has a rule that they can take land from citizens.

Now you might be saying...

"Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about."

That's true. All I'm going on is common sense. When you own land and someone just takes it, I call that stealing. If a person did that, they'd be thrown in jail. Sure, they could try to say, "But your honor I made them a low ball offer and they turned me down, so I just took it."

Do you really think the judge would find for the thief saying, "Well at least you tried before you stole it. The land is yours."

The crazy thing about it is, it won't help. Sure, the influx of illegal immigrants will be cut way down, but that's not the only reason they want to build it. They claim that dangerous people are coming across the border that want to do our country harm. Fine, then what are we going to do about Canada?

This whole idea is flawed from the start. They want to decimate the Coast Guard budget, so that's going to open up our two side-doors; then, they're not paying any attention to Canada.

As we've been telling everyone to stay out of our country, Canada has been opening their doors to everyone they can. So the ones we say no to just go to Canada. Now they face a border that's even easier to cross.

Here's the other thing. Why a wall? Do we not have a river in Texas? Fill it with crocodiles and alligators, even piranha. If people start to get eaten trying to cross over, they're going to think twice. For the rest of the border, let's put up lasers and machine gun turrets. Feel free to laugh if you like, but we should at least price those options, you know, since Mexico isn't paying for it. After all, it's our money.

Plus, we shouldn't discount the idea of a ditch. Build down instead of up. This will cut down the chances of tunnels. And if we're ditch-digging, then lets go all the way and connect the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. You can't tell me we couldn't make some nice coin as a country with that shipping route.

Now take a moment to look at my "crazy" ideas and think...are they any crazier than a wall?

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