AAA Texas reminds drivers that you shouldn't hang anything, including your mask, from your rearview mirror.

This seems obvious, but apparently some need reminding that hanging things from your rear view mirror can obstruct your view of the road and lead to an accident.

CBSDFW reports that according to the Texas Department of Transportation, 3,447 crashes happened in Texas in 2019 with 51 of them deadly due to impaired vision.

Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas spokesperson says

“Having a clear field of vision is extremely important to your safety when on the road,” said . “Items such as masks, air fresheners, parking placards or anything else that reduces your ability to see things around you is a safety hazard and could increase your risk for a crash.”

As a reminder, drivers can be cited if an accident occurs and impaired vision is the cause and as tempting as it may be, you shouldn't hang your mask, or anything else, from your rear view mirror.

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