Sometimes a scratch is a good thing.

TX 100 Million Texas Riches 1884 comp
TX 100 Million Texas Riches 1884 comp

There's a new millionaire in Rosenberg, Texas today. Rosenberg is just Southwest of Houston and there's someone who, if wasn't addicted to scratch tickets before, is hooked now. Why would you not be. One scratch could make you a millionaire.

The game was the $100 Million Texas Riches. Top prize is a million dollars, and there's 10 top prizes. This was prize number 7 for those of you who are scoring at home.

This ticket was purchased at Rudy’s Stop and Shop, at 3326 Avenue I, in Rosenberg.

And like everyone else who hates their relatives, neighbors, and friends, or, people in general, the claimant has elected to remain anonymous.

$100 Million Texas Riches offers more than $107.3 million in total prizes. Overall odds of winning any prize in the game are one in 3.35, including break-even prizes.

Remember folks, when playing the scratch tickets, they key is to check the Texas Lottery website to make sure that there are top prizes available. You see, they can still sell tickets even when all the grand prizes are already claimed.

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