I was told not to play with my food, but to eat it. It's why I'm now fat, and have no idea how science works.

Here's a video that shows you some things you can do with food that might help you in life.

I enjoyed the coal in the peanut butter trick. Too bad we don't have any coal anymore. It would be great for a class project, until Joey Poopybottom would eat the peanut butter after they dipped it in the coal. He would have a seizure, flop around like a fish out of water. Sure it would be entertaining, up until he dies. Sticken party pooper. Joey is always the party killer. I'm glad he's dead.

He'd probably drink the Sprite after it cleaned all the dirt and muck off the jewelry. I saw that and now I have no urge to drink a Sprite again. About the same way I stopped drinking Coke after I saw it clean off a battery. How is this legal to drink?

I don't eat veggies, because I drink V-8, but the Banana in the Veggie pack is neat trick. Almost as fun as the Banana in the Tailpipe (phrasing) routine.

The warm milk repairing China hurts my brain. But I would've been tempted to break all of Grandma's China Plates if I saw this when I was a kid.

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