These guys failed to get funding, because everyone just might be making their own version.

I lose my mind a few time a week when I go into the toilet and see a empty toilet paper roll. I even made a video of how to change the damn thing.

I being uber fat, I don't even do the duce at work for fear of killing all of my coworkers with the stench that brews in my belly. Yet, I'm the only one who changes the roll.

Saw this on the Facebook and thought, yea, I think my coworkers could handle this action. The video says that the failed to get funding back in 2017. I'm guessing because the pissed of the entire planet making something so simple, yet brilliant. I'm not giving you money. I'm spending my own money and making a version of this myself.

Yep, I bet that was the thinking of everyone who saw this video. Damnit! So simple! It ticks me off just thinking about. Truely a "better" mousetrap.

If you don't want to steal the idea for yourself, you can order one here.

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