He has his own restaurant and brewery in Austin, now you can see his home.

Jensen Ackles, and his wife Dannell, allowed Architectural Digest to tour their Austin home.

Dannell explains that the house they had before, when there were no kids, had a room that people would come by to sit on the floor, play guitar, and swing. It's at this point you do a double take, then Jensen explains that she meant dance, not "swing".

You learn about the art on their walls, all done by local artists. The big floral painting in the main room, that she was surprised that Jensen liked. She thought they would end up have a painting of a truck or something.

You find out some interesting things about their patio table. What chair the kids like the best, and where the fire place is at. Tip. It's labeled. You can't miss it.

They only have one guest room. You're not allowed to stay more than three days. Something about a stinky fish, but the real reason is the creepy baby doll they store in the room. Be sure to have some salt and iron handy.

Via Architectural Digest on YouTube
Via Architectural Digest
on YouTube

Jensen will also show you his favorite part of the master suit, the toilet. It's magical.

They then showed the master bedroom, but I turned it off at this point. I'm not a perv for goodness sakes. It's bad enough they had a giant window put in their bathroom, right where the bathtub is at. Keep an eye out for those shots on the internet.



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