If you go through life thinking you never accomplish anything, well here's your chance to change that.

Because I can survive the day without accomplishing anything, I know there are some who are not as lucky. For them, and their children, I'll tell you that the Killeen Public Library and Killeen Civic & Conference Center are hosting Maker Day Monday, June 3, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the conference center.

It's not going to cost you anything, and all ages are welcome to play along.

A variety of hands-on crafting activities for children and adults are planned. Stations will include crafts made of paper, fabric and household items. All supplies will be provided, and everything you make, you can take.

If you listen real close you can hear Type A people screaming with joy in the distance.

I have a problem with authority. If you ask me to do something, I'll do it. If you tell me to do something, you can go suck a daddy long leg, cause you be trippin'.

I once was asked to go to a summer school for the Baptist church of my friend. I went once. They told me, "You'll be here at this time and you'll make this. Then you'll go here and make that."

I went home and made nothing. It's hurt me in life because I really don't care if I make anything. I'm as far from Type A as you can get.

"This didn't get made! What are we going to do?"

"I'm going to bed and wake up to a new damn day."

I then laugh the next day because they'd be up all night making whatever needed making. Fools.

SeventyFour, Thinkstock
SeventyFour, Thinkstock



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