Willie Nelson cancels his latest tour due to breathing problems. He made the announcement on Twitter after performing with Alison Kraus in Ohio.


Photo by Tasha Stevens/Twitter
Photo by Tasha Stevens/Twitter

Besides his tour, the Texas legend is also scheduled to perform on Sept. 21 at the Farm Aid concert with John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Neil Young and Bonnie Raitt. Farm Aid is saying that Nelson “will” be on the road again on September 6th and that he “will” perform at Farm Aid.

Thursday afternoon Farm Aid said Nelson will resume the tour on Sept. 6 and said he will perform at Farm Aid. Willie has been singing since he was 6 years old. He is now 86. And he tweets. Unbelievable. Still touring and still smoking weed. I can’t believe he never got a Cheetos endorsement deal.

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