You've heard us say many times when our Friday Furry Friends from Temple's Animal Shelter join us in studio that pound puppies make the best pets. More often than not, a pound pup is a mixed breed. If you're going to the local pound, you're probably not looking for a dog with an elite bloodline. You're probably looking for a companion who will return the love you give.

So why would Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter see the need to keep from potential adopters information on a dog's breed? Animal Shelter Services Director Cheryl Schneider thinks it's about misconceptions.

“When you remove breed labels, you open the door to possibility. You have a chance to fall in love without being inhibited by breed. Instead, fall in love by listening to your heart.”

I don't know about that. Knowing a dog's breed helps an aspiring pet owner know if that animal is right for them. For example, if a dog has Malamute blood, I know it might be a bit high-strung.

They're probably right: getting to know your dog, there's no substitute.

To celebrate, WCRAS has crafted a video with their message.

BTW, if you live in Williamson County and are looking for a furry friend, visit the shelter tomorrow, February 10 through February 12. They'll have FREE adoptions on all adult dogs and cats. Kittens and puppies are $75 to adopt. Don’t want to wait until the weekend? Adoptions for adult dogs and cats are only $14 from now through February 14.


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