The Coronavirus is causing cancellations of just about everything and may wind up causing us all to to quarantine ourselves for a while. So what do we do if we are all quarantined for a couple of weeks and can't leave our house? Here are the results of that question that was asked on YouGov.

According to a new survey, the top answers are:  Watch TV and movies . . . finally read more books . . . and mess around on the Internet.


1.  Watch TV and movies, 35%.

2.  Finally read more books, 15%.

3.  Mess around on the Internet, 12%.

4.  Spend quality family time, 8%.

5.  Do a hobby like knitting or painting, 7%.

6.  Use social media, 5%.

7.  Learn a new skill, 3%.

8.  Talk to people on the phone, 2%.

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