So far so good, as KXXV Channel 25 in reporting that no coronavirus cases have been reported in Bell County.

Officials are also saying that they will treat patients that believe they have the symptoms as if they do have they virus until they can confirm that they don't.

That's the good news so far, but check this out: could the coronavirus outbreak be the end of handshakes?  Lots of people have already stopped because handshakes can transfer germs.

So . . . if this IS the end of handshakes, what should we replace it with? Here are the results of a new survey by YouGov that asked people about other physical greetings they'd be willing to use . . .

  1. A wave, 62%. 
  1. A nod, 55%.
  1. Bumping elbows, 25%. 
  1. Bowing, 13%. 
  1. Tapping feet, 7%. 

I kinda like the footshake idea. Seems easy enough although a wave or a nod will do just fine.

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