People across Central Texas reported hearing loud booms last night and feeling their house shake and windows rattle. Some aren't buying the official story.

Fort Hood Spokesperson Tyler Broadway told our news partner, KWTX, that the booms were the result of artillery training on base.

If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you may see posts from people who came to the same conclusion. You may also see outdated stories from local news stations mentioning an explosion at Space-X, which happened a while back.

Personally, I was duped for a few seconds by a post claiming that space junk was breaking up in the atmosphere. I think I pulled a Mulder and wanted to believe.

So, Fort Hood claims responsibility for freaking us all out. I'm inclined to believe them, as I grew up in Troy and would sometimes feel those booms out there. However, many remain skeptical, so be on the lookout for conspiracy theories. Let's hope they're at least creative.

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