According to News4SA, there was a new report showing that Texas teachers are now spending an average of $820 of their own money on school supplies - the largest amount ever. This is just absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

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Schools across Texas are closed for another month, and depending on what develops throughout April, they could remain closed through the end of the year. Our teachers have not only had to adapt their lessons plans to a virtual curriculum, but have had to get creative with how they communicate and interact with students and their families. Their job is to ensure that every young person in Central Texas has the opportunity to learn, which can already be difficult enough when they're in the classroom. Major kudos to the teachers continuing to educate and inspire their students under these extraordinary circumstances.
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I am such a big believer that educators truly are some of the most important people in our children’s lives. I think parents don’t understand that for eight hours, five days out of the week your child is with the teachers who are not only responsible for educating them and molding their minds, but also trying to teach them how to interact with others, respect boundaries, and be well-rounded people. Yes, parents are and should be a major part of that too, but great teachers are there for our kids during the daytime hours when they're with other kids in the community and learning to get along with them.

The fact that teachers are spending this amount of money on supplies honestly is frustrating to me.  I know like every other parent you receive a list of things your child will need for the school year. It's one thing if a parent is not able to provide any supplies due to financial issues, but if a parent is not buying supplies because they think that it’s an educator's responsibility, I feel like that is just downright selfish.



To make matters worse, according to the New York Times, teachers are spending 37% more on school supplies and to make matters worse they’re not being reimbursed for it. Educators are way more important than they are being treated in my opinion, and I feel like this is extremely unfair. If you are a parent keep in mind that educators are people too and we need to help each other for everyone to succeed.


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