Halloween is coming and with it a Blue Moon. I ain't scared, but maybe I should be. I mean it is 2020.

It's pretty rare to have two full moons in a month, but that's exactly what'll be happening in October as both a 'Harvest Moon' and a 'Blue Moon' will appear in our night sky.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, this is also a very rare occasion as it's been since 1944 that a full moon has appeared on Halloween night in all time zones.

Is it me or do you also think of The Marcels when it comes to Blue Moon?

Nothing scary about that. According to NASA's National Space Science Data Center, a Blue Moon happens about once every two and a half years and will be the first time we've had one since March of 2018.

What makes it scary is that it's happening on Halloween this year. You know, the year 2020, when bad things just keep on happening.

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