Cat head is back with some disturbing news.

Hey slapnuts. You the paranoid type? If so, then i’m sure you know the world is coming to an end on January 31st.

That’s the day that you’ll be able to see a Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon, and Blue Moon at the same time.

It’s a sure thing. I mean it’s as sure a thing as knowing what to expect when run into a hooker named Swallow.

If you’re not familiar with those terms, not the hooker term, the lunar terms, then allow me to explain.

Blue Moon is when there are two Full Moons in the same month. A Supermoon happens when the moon is the closest point to the Earth. So, yea, it’s going to look a little bigger. A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth gets inbetween the Sun & the Moon casting a shadow over the moon and making it look red.

The place to see it all is on the West Coast. Yep, California. They’ve had fires and mudslides so far, now it’s going to get Full Blood Red Moon weird. I’m guessing sex weird. Like that time that Burger King got Dairy Queen pregnant because he forgot to wrap his whopper.

You all best prepare for this mentally, because, this is happening. It’s not like we’re the two butt cheeks that can get together stop some crap.

You might just want to stay indoors with a blanket over the window. If you survive, then feel free to melt 4 years worth of condoms into a set of tires and call it all a goodyear.

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