I've been watching a lot of videos of the Irish trying things. One thing for sure, they don't like Peanut Butter.

Why do Americans love peanut butter? Maybe it's because peanut butter was invented in this country. Maybe it's because it just damn good.

If I tell you to imagine the smooth taste of a toasted peanut butter and honey sandwich, you could very easily imagine it, In fact, you just might start to crave one, or two, or ten.

You could even skip the bread and just get some Crunchy Jiff, some honey, and some oatmeal. Mix it in a bowl, and microwave it for a minute. Pure heaven for the taste buds.

Did you know that the reason it was invented was because back in 1890, peoples teeth were so bad that they lost the ability to eat meat. So peanut butter was invented so those no toothed varmints could get their protein without killing a squirrel.


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