So it seems someone expects you all to sit on your butt and shop from your computer this holiday season.

The Brown has announced that it plans to hire a couple of people to help out during the holidays. There's Billy, Joe, Tammy, Monica, well, and a few more. UPS thinks the number will be near 100,000.

Jim Barber, chief operating officer says..."Every year, we deliver the holidays for millions of customers. In order to make that happen, we also deliver thousands of great seasonal jobs at our facilities across the country."

If you're looking for a permanent gig with UPS, then this is the perfect stepping stone to accomplish that task.

Over the last three years, 35% of the people UPS hired for these positions for the holidays were later hired in a permanent position after the holidays.

If you want a few extra bucks for the holidays, you can make that happen by visiting Applicants must apply online, so please don't stop by and ask for an application. Online means online.

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