Here we go again, y'all!

Courtesy Belton Kiwanis
Courtesy Belton Kiwanis

The 10th Annual Belton Kiwanis Turtle Festival is Saturday, April 29th at Yettie Polk Park, 101 S. Davis Street in Belton from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The same weekend and time in the same place as last year.  Hey, if you have had ten years of success why mess with a good thing?

Hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Belton, Texas, the annual Turtle Festival is designed to positively impact children’s lives by partnering with community organizations, matching needs with opportunities, and fostering the development of key relationships. What does that mean?  It means it's for a good cause: helping the needy in our community. Just do what I tell you, huh?

Last year, our own Elizabeth Varville covered the event. She told us it was a smashing success. We're hoping to get the word out and do the same thing this year. Belton has a lot of cool things going on all the time. Let's keep this bustling community good character and kindness.

For more information visit Looks like a blast for the kids.

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