The III Corps and Fort Hood Broadcast Operations shared a video of a recent town-hall style meeting to address housing concerns on Fort Hood. It is part of a series of similar meetings ongoing at the base.

The conversation is surprising. You can watch soldiers bring up concerns on a variety of subjects such as homes built prior to 1978 that may be painted with lead-based paint, houses containing mold, roaches, and homes needing maintenance which is not being addressed in a timely manner.

It's very cool that FHBO was able to share the video. You can watch the meeting and hear about the issues addressed by pushing the play button above. I know our radio listeners and online community would always hope for our service men and women to have the best living conditions possible. It's great they can address these issues openly during the town-hall and to hear the officials promise they will get to work on the problems in order to provide "safe and quality housing" for all.

Two more meetings are coming up on February 25 and 26 at Howze Auditorium. 


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