Forget the flowers and a box of chocolates. Give the gift of a petting zoo gram instead for this Valentine's Day.

Yes, you read that right. Tiny Hooves Rescue has the perfect "unique" gift for Valentine's Day, and it's one your significant other would never guess in a million years: a petting zoo.

According to a report from KCEN, Tiny Hooves Rescue petting zoo grams will cost you $75 and you can send the gram anywhere - your loved ones home, business or wherever as long as it's in the Temple, Belton, Killen and Academy area.

So what exactly is a petting zoo gram? It's a petting zoo with llamas, pigs, ponies, roosters and other cool animals. Tiny Hooves Rescue brings them all out and you can spend 15 minutes petting and taking pictures.

The cost is $75, and the money helps Tiny Hooves Rescue pay for vet bills, the food, and the overall cost of running the business. Tiny Hooves Rescue helps with rescuing livestock and exotic animals and the costs can pile up.

The founder of Tiny Hooves Rescue, Shelby Michalewicz, says, “The cash goes toward our vet bills which tend to pack up pretty high on some of the cases we take in. Just holding an animal makes you feel better, so we’re trying to bring that happiness to more people while also supporting a great cause.”

If this is something you'd like to take advantage of, you better hurry, they sell out their time slots pretty quickly.

"For $75, you get the 15-minute session, you get a bag of candy and a llama keychain that was customized for our organization for our loved llama that will be with us that day."

Call Tiny Hooves Rescue at 254-228-9219 to check on availability or message them on their Facebook.

"Experiences are the next best thing to a box of chocolates. You'll never forget your Valentine's Day when you got animals delivered to your doorstep." Says Michalewicz.

Don't forget that you can also nominate someone you love for our 2021 Valentine's Day Prize Pack. There's a $50 gift certificate from Lastovica Jewelers in Temple up for grabs, along with some surprise goodies.

You can nominate someone you think deserves an extra special Valentine's Day here.

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