Back in early January, the owners and creators of beloved Texas bakery Tiff's Treats asked for help from the internet to assist in finding their very first customer, Amy. Today we learned that their internet APB was a success!

According to a tweet from Tiff's Treats, owners Leon and Tiff were able to find Amy thanks to a little bit of help from social media.


Of course, by a little I mean a lot! Numerous publishers ran the story about the couple's search for their very first customer. Things took a little bit longer than expected because it turns out that Amy left Central Texas and moved overseas.

Back in 1999, Leon and Tiff were students at the University of Texas, just like Amy. Leon and Tiff posted fliers around the campus promoting their new business, and after 3 days were contacted by Amy for a cookie delivery. The couple has been forever grateful for that first sale that kicked off a major cookie movement.

In honor of the 22nd anniversary of Tiff's Treats, Leon and Tiff wanted to supply Amy with a year's worth of cookies. Amy was contacted by her sister's best friend, and she informed her about the search.

Since Amy lives overseas, she's decided that the best thing to do is to keep those free cookies local and give them to those truly in need. Amy is donating her year's supply of cookies to a local non-profit, Foster Angels of Central Texas.

The most important message to Tiff from Amy was very special.

"My big takeaway from this experience is to always be kind. You never know who you're going to influence positively or negatively with your attitude in the world."

-  Amy.

So, now that we're all crying, let go eat some delicious cookies from Tiff's Treats!

(They've got a location in Waco if you don't feel like making the drive to Austin.)

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