So many things have been cancelled lately that I was wondering if anybody actually had the balls to carry through with a planned event. Looks like The Texas Testicle Festival has all the balls.

Coming up on Saturday, August 1, the Texas Testicle Festival will be held in Fredericksburg, serving up fried turkey, lamb, and veal testes. Sounds yummy, right?

The organizers did a similar festival in January, before the pandemic, to celebrate the delicacy of animal testicles. 150 people showed up.

Social distancing rules will be in place, and capacity will also be limited to 50%. Claire Ball (real name), an organizer with the event, tells MySA,

"As a testicle organizer, our new normal requires us to stay on the ball with the government at all levels, some of which change their minds daily. We’ve actually considered turning it into a testicle protest — protests seem to be allowed all over — but we just don’t have the balls.”

So have you ever had fried testicles? There not bad really, when done right.

I used to work in a restaurant that served 'Rocky Mountain Oysters', or 'Bull Fries' as they were also called. They were a big item on the menu, and folks from out of town would order them with advice on how to eat them. I like mine extra crispy with a squeeze of lemon over the top and dipped into a nice cocktail sauce.

There will be other food to snack on if eating animal testicles is not your thing Crawfish, lobster tail, burgers, beer, wine and liquor will be available to purchase.

So there it is - something to go do this weekend if you're up to it. The festival runs from 12-10p and tickets are $22.90 for general admission and $55.26 for VIP tickets. Get tickets and more info HERE.

It's also worth noting that testicle service will only be from 4-8 p.m. So plan accordingly and make sure you know what you're ordering.

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