The world is less funny today.

If you've never seen the Carol Burnett Show, either live, or on reruns, then your life is not complete. For on that show was one of the funniest men on the planet. Two, really, but alas we're force to talk about Tim Conway today since he passed away this morning.

Time, along with Harvey Korman made me laugh so much growing up. Tim started out as an occasional guest star on the Carol Burnett Show, and when they announced that he was on that night, it really was time to get the Jiffy Bake Popcorn out and get ready to laugh. His physical comedy skills are legendary. Have you ever tried to fall up the stairs? It's damn hard.

His dentist routine is still a hoot to this day.

His story about the elephants is a true classic. After all, that dwarf and that elephant were lovers.

But my favorite is his performance with Don Knotts in the "Apple Dumpling Gang".

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