Proof, evil still in the hearts of man.

Via Bell County Sheriff's Office.
Via Bell County Sheriff's Office.
Handcuffs laying on top of fingerprint chart in file
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Dammit Janet! There are monsters under the bed. There is a big bad creature in your closet. Sometimes they escape, and the world gets pretty scary at times.

KWTX is reporting that some bad people were caught, and some people were rescued. Which means we should all be happy and sad for ourselves.

It seems that on Tuesday Bell County Sheriff's office wrapped up a 3 day human trafficking sting. It netted 15 arrests, and rescued 9 women.

The rescuing was done with the assistance of UnBound of Waco and Refugee Services of Texas of Austin.

Also, according to the sheriff's office, Cecil Smith, Randall Steele and Larry Golden, all of Killeen, were charged with promotion of prostitution.

Tatyana Clemens of Arlington and a Dallas woman whose full name wasn’t released were charged with human trafficking.

Ten men including two soldiers were also charged with prostitution.

On June 4th, the Children's Advocacy Center of Central Texas will host a free educational session on the sexual trafficking of minors. It's a great opportunity to learn how prevalent the problem is, the signs to watch for, and how you can help put a stop to it.


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