The hotel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Some of those jobs could simply disappear.

According to  a report from KXXV, Channel 25, the Hotel & Lodging Association just released results of a recent survey that said 74% of hotel jobs could simple disappear if federal funds are not made available to the hospitality industry. Almost 70% of hotel operators have seen hotel stays have dropped by more than half.

People aren't traveling as much as they were before the pandemic hit in late March. The Hotel & Lodging Association says that affects about 8 million jobs.

About 16 million people work in the hotel industry, and since April those numbers have been cut in half. The report also says that two-thirds of hotels will go out of business within six months if revenues stay the same.

The President and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Chip Rogers, says,

"It's time for Congress to put politics aside and prioritize the many businesses and employees in the hardest-hit industries. Hotels are cornerstones of the communities they serve, building strong local economies and supporting millions of jobs. Every member of Congress needs to hear from us about the urgent need for additional support so that we can keep our doors open and bring back our employees."

Hotels are not the only industry that's been hit hard. Airlines and movie theaters are also looking for additional funding. The airline industry has said that thousands of jobs could be lost by October 1st if additional funding isn't approved.

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