Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is no way to go through life. Words of wisdom from "Animal House." It turns out, it's also not good to be Rained, Flooded, and Twisted.


KJRH is reporting that the Govoner of Oklahoma has now made all 77 counties under a state of emergency because of the tornado's, rain, and now flooding.

May has been a horrific month for our Sooner neighbors. The State of Emergencies was signed on the first day of May for 52 counties. It was then extended to 66 counties on May 8th, and now it's all 77 counties.

The Oklahoma Secretary of States Office released a statement...

"As severe weather and heavy rainfall has continued, numerous areas have experienced widespread, significant flooding, tornadoes, high winds, and large hail. Damage assessments are ongoing and, in some areas, cannot be completed until floodwater recedes.”

How this works, the executive order says that state agencies can make emergency purchases and acquisitions to expedite the delivery of resources to local communities. Plus, it's also the first step in seeking federal assistance, should it be necessary.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management is asking residents to report any damage to their property to help local and state emergency managers better coordinate response and recovery effort.

The release also states...

"Oklahoma officials also remind the public that the best way to support survivors of emergencies or disasters in Oklahoma is with cash donations to reputable voluntary organizations. Cash donations allow relief organizations or survivors to purchase what they need, when and where they need it.”


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