All windows in Killeen/Harker Heights should start to be bulletproof.

When I was 18, my parents were between houses. We rented a two bedroom condo. There were four of us. Parents in one bedroom, my little brother in another, and I was regulated to the upstairs loft. No windows, but I did have a ceiling fan.

I didn't mind it. Any other time in my life, the bed was under the windows. That way you could get a nice breeze at night, and if there was a fire, all you had to do was to pop the screen and out of the house you'd go.

Of course, I wasn't raised in Texas. There's no such thing as a nice cool breeze at night in this state. The windows look like doors. I have my bed away from the window so when an intruder comes through it, I don't get hit with any gunfire and the claymore is angled right at the soon to be "Pink Mist" of an intruder.

KWTX is reporting that a young man in Harker Heights wasn't as lucky. It seems he was shot in the arm from a bullet that came in through the bedroom window.

Harker Heights police responded to a report of gunfire just after 11 p.m. on Monday night in the 400 block of North Ann Boulevard.

The young man was transported to Baylor Scott & White in Temple with non-life-threatening injuries.


No arrests have been made.

Should've been sleeping in a loft with no windows.

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