Basketball on hold, Hockey on hold, Baseball delayed but there is some good news coming from all three of those leagues. As we slowly get back to some kind of normal, and normal could take a while, the NFL has laid out some options for it's upcoming season.

According to Sports Business Daily, the upcoming NFL season has a couple different plans they're considering to get the season underway.

First they need to start with getting the schedule released on May 9th, there is concern that they may push that date back depending on what happens with the current virus situation. If that date hold up, here are some ideas the NFL is considering.

  • A regular season that starts as late as October 15th.
  • A standard 16-game season, but with bye weeks eliminated.
  • The Pro Bowl getting axed (since no one watches it anyway) and ditching the bye week that comes before the Super Bowl.
  • The Super Bowl being moved from its current date of February 7th, to a date later in the month…likely February 28th.

As of now, nothing official has been decided, including what to do with fans. Some ideas have ranged from playing in empty stadiums to only allowing about one-third capacity. That would make the feel of the game different but the good news is that we would still have games to watch. I'm all for it.

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